Basic website

Not everybody needs an all-singing and all-dancing content management system. Sometimes just a simple webpage or two will do the job nicely. We can create it all for you.

We can work from your designs, from a sketch on a napkin to a fully-fledged Photoshop file, and create the pages that you desire. We can work with your existing designer or we can match you up with one of our expert design partners.

The pages that we create will be fully standards-compliant, meaning that they can be read by any web browser including screen readers and search engines. If you want acronyms, they will include W3C XHTML, W3C WAI AAA standard.

Static web pages needn’t be dull. They can include flash animations, audio, video or any type of media that you want.

Should you want to edit the pages at a later date, we can always upgrade them to one of our content management solutions.