Content management solutions

A content managed website is one where you have control over the site. You can easily amend pages and sections of the website without having to get the website designer or developer involved. They are usually referred to as CMS sites – Content Management System websites.

We choose from a variety of solutions to best match your exact needs.


WordPress is a publishing platform that is used to power millions of websites across the world, including the sites of  Stephen Fry, the Prime Minister and the magazine of the Wall Street Journal.

WordPress is great for small to medium-sized websites, up to a hundred or so pages. Sites can be very obvious blogs, or could just include blog-style sections, such as a news or press section.

Alternatively a WordPress site can work without any type of blog in it whatsoever.

Examples of recent sites that we have built in WordPress include our own and the site for the Gloucestershire Breastfeeding Supporters’ Network.

See some examples of our WordPress sites.


Drupal is a very powerful content management system that is used to run a huge number of large and complex websites, including those for MTV UK, Fox Searchlight Pictures and Amnesty International.

Locally we have used Drupal to deliver many websites over the past few years including CESA, ISTA and Scary Little Girls. At a previous company we also delivered Bedruthan Steps Hotel, Camel Valley Vineyard and Cloud Nine Housing.

See some examples of our Drupal sites.

Cushy CMS

Cushy is a great solution for when you just want to be able to change a little bit of the site from time to time without having to learn a new piece of software.

Cushy can be bolted in to your existing website quickly and easily.

Examples of sites where we have used Cushy include James Henry and, while at a previous company, Green Peninsula.